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Campus - Facilities

Commodious well ventilated room with big windows, age appropriate & comfortable furniture, bulletin boards & Audio- Visual interactive smart boards form a typical classroom at the school.


Value education starts here with children being encouraged to share their food, cultivate tastes and tolerate cultural differences. Needless to add, the variety available is nutritious and wholesome, a much needed requirement for energetic and active students.


The Department has 'Counsellors' to help the children with behavioral problems and 'Special Educators' to guide the children with learning disorders. This ensures that every child is kept in the mainstream. In a nutshell, it acts as a leveller for the children with a physical or mental handicap. In the long run, it will induce a positive attitude towards life in children, especially those who are handicapped.


A fleet of buses plies across the city to provide safe, comfortable and timely transportation to students of the school. Every bus has a fire extinguisher & a first aid box. The students are escorted and assisted by a lady attendant in each bus.


“Reading is synonymous to growth”… This silent sanctuary for research is our pride and joy. Our reading programs are integrated with the core curriculum making our students more articulate and broadening their vision. We encourage our students to spend a considerable amount of their time in this haven of knowledge.

Computer Lab

This section of the school keeps the children updated and connected with the world. Here they learn to use and apply modern software applicable to their grades and stay abreast with the political and financial arenas globally.

Science Labs

Well equipped Science Labs are an integral part of the learning process. Our Science laboratories are fully equipped to support the scientific temperaments of the child. This is where the curious minds of the students are put to test.

Play Ground

The most sought after corporate trainer in the world is the playground. Here players are taught primary values and survival skills. Teamwork, fight fair, focus, consistency, strategy and most important of all – there is only one First Place.

Our sporting faculty concentrates on these values while coaching the students in a variety of sports such as Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Martial Arts etc.

Multi Purpose Hall

This room is our storehouse of memories. Auditions, practice sessions, plays, games, debates, competitions, dance classes, music lessons - its use is diverse and its nature dynamic.

Pen with Sand Play

For young ones, the play pen is where they build their dream castles. A smart learning tool that develops motor skills of using hands and intelligence, the sand pit is also a very useful play option.


The school takes utmost care of the staff & students and in keeping with the same; Candid Cameras have been installed at the major points on the campus. The Public Announcement facility in all the rooms of the school enables quick and correct delivery of information collectively. Fire extinguishers are mounted at conspicuous locations in the corridors. A mock drill on Fire Fighting is conducted for students & staff annually. We have sufficient male and female personnel that maintain security within the school premises.

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Thanks to SVIS, I have the opportunity to excel in academics and follow my passion for cricket.

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