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Children attend school for education. The word education should be understood in its right and broader perspective. The school which merely concerns with imparting bookish knowledge does not educate children in true sense of the word. A healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body. Also, every child has some latent or inborn talent which can fully blossom if properly tapped. SVIS recognizes importance of this and therefore lays a great emphasis on providing necessary platform to provide the students, professional training and environment necessary for different sports and games. These include Cricket, Football, Hockey, Athletics, Gymnastics, etc. The Annual Sports Day is among the gala events organized by the School with a great deal of preparation and fanfare. The Sports Day is the culmination of strict discipline and training in different sporting and athletic events, which is displayed on this spectacular and colourful day. It is attended by a very large number of parents, students and visiting dignitaries.


The JALLOSH programme endeavours to instill and nurture human values, drawn from our rich culture and tradition, in the impressionable minds of the young children. This trait -combined with academic proficiency and sporting excellence -grooms the student’s personality to meet the challenges of a globally competitive environment.JALLOSH is a multifaceted overall competetion based learning for students of our college.

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