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I extend a very warm welcome to all my students and parents to their very own SVIS website. An effort has been made to provide the students and parents quick & instant access to the desired information out of the vast and comprehensive databank covering diverse matters concerning the School –be it admissions, activities, curriculum, schedule of events, exams, infrastructure, sports, achievements, picnics or annual functions, etc.

Over a period of time we will be progressively automating the website to give even better access, information & finally interactive features. I may mention that this is a maiden effort on our part to disseminate the information on the web and there could admittedly be scope for further improvement. We do not rest on our laurels and anything and everything concerning the school is constantly monitored, reviewed and upgraded.

On the eve of the launch of the website, I would now share with you some of my thoughts and plans concerning education. My central philosophy concerning education revolve around this famous quote of Hodding Carter :

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our Children,
One is Roots & the other is Wings”

We are today witnessing the world proceeding on a rather dangerous & precipitous turn of times. We are facing, unprecedented extremities & adversity in weather & climatic conditions across the Continents. With the passage of time, these trends, alas, appear to be becoming more and more severe. Unless, the situation is globally addressed in a concerted manner to cap the contributors of green house effect, it would not be before long that things here on mother Earth would totally get out of control. Equally dangerous phenomenon is the rapid spread of strife & terrorism across the world, seeking to annihilate the entire race on the opposite camp.

These are rather worrying turn of events for our progeny and we all need to do our best to make their future. We together need to nurture and educate the next generation to make them strong and competent to successfully meet the testing times ahead. The country & the world need good and honest leaders to steer the masses out of the mess that we are in. The quality of future social, political & economic life would largely be determined by the next generation being tutored & nurtured by us educators.

The group of SVIS schools, at Borivali & Kandivali in the western suburbs of the Mumbai metro, therefore, has the missionary objective of providing to all its students -irrespective of their caste, creed, colour or religion -a unique platform and environment enriched with values drawn from our rich culture and tradition. I believe in spreading the message of brotherhood and peace. We need to recall the lofty ideals and deeds of our mentor-Swami Vivekanand. We also need to remember that our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to give India its freedom. As a token of our gratitude, we should all work together in tandem to fulfill their dreams.

Referring again to the quote above, in order that the students have both the roots as well aswings, SVIS ensures that the students imbibe necessary values of humanity, unity in diversity and brotherhood based on our rich heritage & culture. At the same time, the students are made academically strong and given the appropriate opportunity and exposure to a wide spectrum of co curricular & extra-curricular activities including life skills improvement, language development, sports, dramatics, etc. The Annual Day celebrations of SVIS every year gives a unique platform to over 2000 students to showcase their talents through dance, drama & skits which are theme based and thoughtfully planned to project a strong message to the students, parents & society at large.

Each child is uniquely talented and only needs the right setting to bring out the best latent talent. Outstanding examples of this are listed under Achievements. Apart from high and meritorious academic & extracurricular achievements, SVIS students have notably broken a century old record (104 years) of bagging the prestigious Giles Shield of Cricket. The School is indeed very proud of all these.

I would also like to highlight the point that today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders. Television & Computer Games are the bane of technological advancements. They play a rather destructive role in a child’s developmental process. I urge upon all the students and the parents to dissuade from such unproductive engagements. Children should rather be drawn towards good reading habits (I’ve provided a vast array of topics & authors in the Library) or be encouraged to view TV Channels like National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet which contributes to your knowledge & development.

Attaining quality standards of the highest level in the area of one's operation has always been my cherished desire. This can be said to have been fulfilled. I am proud to state that SVIS has obtained the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Certification. The full credit for this achievement goes to the entire team of SVIS family comprising the Heads, Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff members who readily accepted the management’s aspirations and worked relentlessly to achieve it.

As has been the policy, while granting admission in SVIS, I do not distinguish between caste, creed colour, religion or economic standing of the student's family. All are given equal consideration. I am particularly considerate towards providing all possible help and encouragement to physically challenged students so as to contribute my mite towards mitigating the unfortunate parents’ plight.

While concluding, I would like to borrow yet another famous quote which has quite impressed me:

"The Mighty Oak was once a Seed"

The group of SVIS schools has, since its modest beginning, grown from strength to strength. I must thankfully acknowledge the parents' contribution in our march towards success. Your valuable support and cooperation, has enabled SVIS to attain great heights. Not only has both the schools been able to score exceedingly well on the academic side, the students have also earned laurels in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The SVIS schools -at Kandivali & Borivali has today reached the formidable level of being the largest in the western suburbs in terms of students strength. I once again thank all the parents for their unflinching faith, trust and encouragement, and look forward to receive the same over the years ahead.

I am selflessly and zealously working towards providing a wholesome learning environment, for a balanced and all-round development of the students. Some of the remarkable products of theSVIS are on the verge of becoming highly successful in their chosen field. To name a few: Rohit Sharma is playing Cricket for India, Shweta Prasad of the Makdi & Iqbal fame & Darshan Shroff who has been absorbed by the IT Giant Infosys even before he completed his Engineering graduation. There are many others. I can only be happy about these indicators. My ultimate aim, however, is bigger. If I am able to produce even one Swami Vivekanand, Sardar Patel or Kalpana Chawla, I will consider it as a job well-done.

With Warm Regards
Yogesh Patel
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