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Academics - Primary
Primary School Timings : 12:45 Pm to 5:30pm Monday to Friday
The 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month are also working days for the Classes III-V.

Co-Curricular Activities :-


The assembly is an important part of the calendar of activities of the school. The children recite the school prayer, sing the school song and the National Anthem. During the year, each grade presents a programme according to the given theme, either a festival that is being celebrated at that time of the year or any thought-provoking idea that can be expressed in the form of recitation, speech or music.

Sports and Performing Activities (SPA)

SVIS believes in an integrated development programme. Extra-curricular and co- curricular activities are an integral aspect of our curriculum. These programs are offered to provide enrichment and enable students to learn new skills and to give them the opportunity to explore areas of physical, academic, social and creative interests. The SPA program is compulsory for all students, twice a week.

Inter House Competitions

Children from various houses participate in inter house competitions held regularly in school. The competitions include Recitation, Art, Handwriting, Singing, Elocution, Quiz, Spell Bee etc. Points are allocated to the winners of the respective houses.

Student Council

The student council is an organization of students elected to represent the student body in decision making regarding student affairs. The activity of the student council provides students with the opportunity to practice leadership and citizenship. It gives students the chance to get involved and feel like they can make a difference.

Culminating Activity

At the end of every unit a culminating activity is held wherein all the work of the children is displayed. Parents are invited to view their children’s understanding of the unit.

Field Trips

Since SVIS believes firmly in hands on learning, the students are regularly taken on field trips throughout the year in support of the curriculum. The children visit places like the planetarium, Prince of Wales Museum, Nalanda dance institute, Farm, Musical Instrument shop etc.

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Thanks to SVIS, I have the opportunity to excel in academics and follow my passion for cricket.123

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